The most common reason to use a portable hand sanitizer is to prevent illness from spreading. It also promotes a healthy workplace by reducing sick days and improving school performance. CDC also says that proper hand hygiene can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and coronaviruses. Using a hand sanitizer can help reduce the risk of illness and prevent the spread of these dangerous germs. Whether you're on a job site, an event, or a high-traffic public location, portable hand sanitizer is an essential part of the healthy hand sanitation process.
Clean hands protect you from diseases, including the common flu. The CALLAHEAD antiseptic system is a great choice for high-traffic environments and large-scale events. It can help you promote a healthy work environment while protecting your staff and customers from harmful germs.
The Benefits of Using a Portable Hand Sanitizer
A portable hand sanitizer can make a big difference when you're on the go, or when you want to prevent germs from spreading. With a palm-sized, plant-based sanitizer, you can disinfect your hands on the go. One ounce of this liquid is enough for 125 to 200 uses.
Its refillable, aluminum bottle holds about four times that amount. It fits perfectly in your pocket and is refillable. GOJO Industries Inc., a company specializing in the hand sanitizer market, conducted an independent survey of the market. The survey covered the 52 weeks ending in April 2018, and the previous year's HPIS data ends in July 2018.

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